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2023 Festival Application

Arts Incarnate is excited to host their third annual Artisan Festival!


We invite you to showcase your art at the 3rd Annual Artisan Festival. The Festival will take place Saturday, June 17, from 11am-4pm in the parking lot of 75 N. Mason Street in Harrisonburg (Church of the Incarnation). 


Our goal and ambition is to procure an excellent festival for those exhibiting with us, and our commitment is to balance the festival so it showcases artists’ work as unique and provides the potential for sales. We are dedicated to maintaining high standards and work diligently to foster a positive environment for artists and patrons. We understand and recognize the hard work, time, skills, and financial investment that goes into artmaking. Therefore, we encourage vendors to charge the full value of their work. However, we also desire to make this a festival accessible to people of all levels of income, so that all members of our community have the opportunity to enjoy unique local art. Please offer at least a few items (for example, prints of your original work) priced <$25 in order to help make that vision a reality. 


A $25 jury fee is required at the time of application submission. If you are accepted an additional $50 participation fee will be due within 2 weeks of your application results to secure your booth in the festival.


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