Current Exhibit

"Spring Rising: Transcending Solitude"
Artist: Jane Goodman

About the Artist


                  JANE studied Fine Arts and studio art at Connecticut College and

specifically focused on sculpture. Moving to New York City in the seventies

(working in theatre), she was exposed to and participated in a robust art scene

which was thriving in the City. It provided fertile creative ground to develop

her acting career. She acted Off-Broadway, on small stages and experimental

theatre settling into the world of Improvisational comedy, working also in TV

and radio commercials.  She became a well-known acting teacher and coach. 

Jane returned to Newport, RI where she founded the R. I. Film Commission,

marketing the state to the film industry.  During time in RI, Jane and husband

created an award-winning advertising and PR agency.  From there, they

moved to Washington, DC to work in the labor union environment. Jane specialized in labor relations within the aviation industry. She retired from the Federal Aviation Administration after a decade spent as a manager of communications for the agency. During her decades of work as a PR and marketing executive, she always found time for her art participating in classes, studying watercolors, oils, and gouache with a variety of artists in Charlottesville, Staunton, as well as attending workshops in Italy and France and most recently, online.  Influences include the Fauves, Impressionists and the women who courageously painted during the years of the New York School who were overshadowed by their male counterparts.


She studied oil painting, combining her love of travel and discovery.  She always travels with art supplies.  But, she describes living in Central Virginia and near the Blue Ridge Mountains as offering endless beautiful painting scenarios.  She lives in Charlottesville, near Monticello and enjoys her dog and family who reside nearby.


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Artist Statement

The focus of my art reflects my celebration of the natural world—its exploration and observation fused with memory and imagination. Working often en plein air (outdoors), I am challenged to capture the quixotic and fleeting movement of the air, the clouds, the fleeting light and shadows.  I strive for immediacy and vitality, qualities that emerge when working in dynamic environment.  Often, I continue my work in the studio in order to refine and realize the moment more fully. Whether out of doors or in the studio, direct observation, sketches, notes, and sometimes photos aid in my discovery. 
What makes this subject unique? Why am I drawn to this subject? 


Painting is an act of mediation and exploration. I believe one must love the subject matter in order to spend the time necessary to convey its unique qualities.I select the medium which will best capture an experience, not render a photographic image.  Oils painting allows for revisions and reworking.  Watercolor is more immediate and less accommodating to revisions, and reworking, hence, less intellectualizing of the process or the subject. When traveling, often I use gouache and watercolors. I enjoy beginning a piece—thinking, observing, planning and composing, manipulating the surface and materials, and other times, letting the materials and medium lead the way. I search for the effects of light —how it both illuminates and hides details.  I enjoy the process of bringing a blank paper or canvas to life—creating a reality. bringing an emotional moment to life.  It is about “process.”


Abstract painting enables a direct energetic and more muscular interpretation of the outer world and inner energy. Painting in general helps us depict and understand the chaos of the world around us—each moment an improvisation. What is left out, what is not there is often the most powerful part of the piece. My paintings and drawings are my signature—my marks, lines, “scratchings” and brushwork and represent my penmanship, calligraphy, and a language of its own.

    - Jane Goodman


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