Current Exhibit

"Stained Glass Windows"
Artist: Rose Anderson

About the Artist


Rose Anderson is a feeler and a giver as a person and an artist. She is able to

synthesize and produce work that meets an individual where they are. Her

work often focuses on children, the everyday, and the beauty of the

human experience.

She states “the sacredness of the ordinary is something that has always

held wonder for me even before I had the ability to turn that into visual art.

Now being able to help others memorialize small moments in celebration or

in grief through what's become second nature to me is a story that continues

to humble me and fills makes me heart really happy"

Originally from Richmond VA, she studied art at John Tyler Community College and James Madison University. She has illustrated a children's book and holds on to the hope that she'll be able to illustrate more. The valley has become home to her and she's greatly enjoyed becoming more connected with the arts community here.

Artist Statement

This project started very small. I had been to a Grey Havens concert with friends and John Lucas was the opener. His song "Stained Glass Windows" inspired me to make. For Christmas I drew two of my friends and fellow concert goers as stained glass windows with lyrics from the song. It was just an attempt to help these dear friends have grace for themselves. See more of themselves. That's still an intrical part of the series. I enjoyed making them so much that I kept going.

About five portraits in I was introduced by our very own Gina Fornecker to the Arcadian Wild Album, "Principium ''. One of their lines in particular got to me "I still bear your face." (Sung with some killer harmonies.) As I was working through the frustratingly daunting task of capturing a person's essence in pen and ink, of "getting them", I was searching for God's face in them. A face I don't remember, but I know. The Aslan breathes of life from the hammering heart of our maker. God's face that they still bear. That I get to draw.

As I drew and the series grew, I began to see clearer these humans both in an individual way and also as part of the larger church family. An organism made up of people who bear the face of the same parent and giver of life. And what does it mean to be in union like that? Throughout the ages? And what does it mean to draw fellow image holders back to a home that's always been theirs? To see the weary refugee in the distance and welcome them in? As family. In the spiritual and physical sense.

The exploration of unity, dignity and true self played out not only in the pictures themselves but also through many excerpts from songs and books and podcasts and sermons. I've included some alongside the pictures. While the quotes speak more to the theme as a whole I also started giving each piece a snippet of a song or two that speaks to the nature of that particular person. Those song snippets I've placed on top of the plaques with the quotes that speak to the larger theme on the bottom. 

This is a series I hope to continue indefinitely. Till I see my sweet Lord's face in full. For now, I'm so thankful to see it in you.

    - Rose Anderson

The originals are not for sale because they are given to either the subject or the subject's family. Prints however are available.


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